A collection defined “baroque”, “gorgeous” thanks to the using of original and sophisticated materials like the gold printed calfskin to make precious the heels and wedges bandages, the cloth is a mix of gold and lace flowers, the accessories are in crystal with combined nuances; actually the models and the used materials represent an aesthetic reflection upon the beauty, considered as a whole of immediate and simple expressions, that reveal, to a more careful vision, infinite details. Violavinca takes the pure female essence, exalting the natural attitude and the discreet elegance, made of daily rituals and particulars of style, and reveals its more seductive aspect by the union of two primary elements: the shape and the color. The beauty, pure and surprising, reveal itself for every woman who wants to feel like this in every moment of the day.

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Violavinca collection is a synonym of elegance and refinement. A glamour touch is the thread that connects every piece of it: every models is designed for a modern woman with an allure that mixes beauty, style and seduction. Violavinca woman is bold enough to escape from the expectations of a conventional womanliness, by searching something out of the ordinary, she has a mysterious charm, hard to seize. The materials are classic but with energetic colors: the suede with its warm shades suitable for any kind of situation, the napa with a soft and encircling elegance, the calf combined with the paint to create a mat or bright effect and the precious weaves, pony, the fure and the printing, custom and sophisticated . Any detail has a romance and sensuality touch in itself, expression of the brand soul.

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