Violavinca is born from the experience reached by years of work in this field, characterized by real passion for fashion, two businesses that merge with the target to increase the handicraft techniques, by the technological develop, to satisfy the needs of modern woman. A philosophy that join the right equilibrium from femininity, glamour and quality of wearing, the name, an union of two flowers: the violet and the periwinkle dedicated to the perfume of every woman.


Violavinca is made on a background of knowledge that ranging from the applied research to the innovation of the process and product; from the expertise in the selection of materials only made in Italy to the customer satisfaction. It introduces a new way of think and live the high range, subverts the paradigms of fashion, the feeling about the “value of money” and the traditional relation from elegance and the quality of fitting.


Vilolavinca is the new concept that merge craftsman tradition, production technology, sophisticated design and first level materials in a product entirely made in Italy. A shoe factory in progressive rise, that creates, makes and distributes in the world high range collections forged with the particular focus for innovation.


Our aim is to show the pleasure of wear shoes in-style and perfectly portable, suitable for aware and autonomous women, divas and protagonists of their day; free and dynamic women, starting from their shoes wearing, that doesn’t produce any constriction, even for who wear vertiginous heels.
Violavinca wants to live in the female universe more seasons, inseparable friend, affine like a second skin to the personality of who has chosen it.